Top 5 Cannabis Trends of 2015: News from Colorado

As we head into 2016, fast-growing Boulder- and Denver-based cannabis entrepreneurs shared what cannabis consumers want now with Daily Camera reporter Shay Castle. With cannabis-industry revenues on track to hit $1 billion for this year, popular new product categories include: A “gentle, pleasant high.” At Boulder startup Chooze, a cognitive scientist has formulated vaporized pellets [...]

Dietitians Step Up to Learn About Medical MJ

A creatively innovative dietitian group, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, embraced medical marijuana with HCN’s webinar, Cannabis Comes Out of the Closet: Dietitians, Get Up to Speed On This Healing Herb Or Get Left Behind!

The World’s Largest Organization of Food & Nutrition Professionals Profiles HCN Co-Founder

The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics, with over 75,000 members, showcases HCN’s Donna Shields in Tastings, a publication from the Food & Culinary Practice Group.

Nutritious & Delicious: Cannabis Edibles in Development

Holistic Cannabis Network has developed prototypes for nutrition-forward infused cannabis edibles, rather than sugary, artificially-laden products.