HCN Collaborates With Cannabis Lifestyle Site

Cannahacker, a cannabis lifestyle, entertainment and technology website, now has health content contributed by HCN co-founder Laura Lagano.

Why Teatoxes Are The New, Healthier Alternative To Juice Cleanses – Elite Daily

Becoming healthy is the most common New Year’s resolution on our minds. Detoxing is a great way to kick-start the New Year with renewed optimism and vigor.

HCN Collaborates with Women Grow

Coming Clean with Cannabis, a new e-book by Women Grow, hits all the right messages for women looking to clean up their 2016 lifestyle through better diet, less alcohol, and appropriate use of cannabis. […]

Dietitians Step Up to Learn About Medical MJ

A creatively innovative dietitian group, Nutrition Entrepreneurs, embraced medical marijuana with HCN’s webinar, Cannabis Comes Out of the Closet: Dietitians, Get Up to Speed On This Healing Herb Or Get Left Behind!