Healthy and Satisfying Salad Tips – Yoga Journal

Salads are generally unfairly criticized, the usual associations to rabbit food and being bland are commonplace. However, this thought process is out-dated - salads can be nutritionally rich and tasty.

HCN Wows High NY Meet-Up

Infused with a passion for holistic health, integrative clinical nutritionist and HCN co-founder Laura Lagano chatted about …how cannabis fits into a holistic lifestyle… at the May 2016 meet-up. High NY meet-up members were introduced to the wonders of nutrition, aromatherapy, massage, meditation, and herbal medicine as part of a holistic cannabis health + wellness [...]

Oncology Nutritionists Get an MMJ Primer from HCN

HCN’s mission, to train health practitioners, hit a home run with this feature article for oncology nutritionists, penned by HCN Co-founder Donna Shields. http://dpg-storage.s3.amazonaws.com/ondpg/documents/6048e5e1c844ac2c/Newsletter_Vol23_No2_FINAL.pdf Are you ready to learn more about healing yourself and your clients with medical marijuana? Join the revolution and become cannabis competent! Registration for the cannabis coaching + certificate programs at [...]

Cannaphobia: What’s Up With Fear of Marijuana

Co-Founder Laura Lagano is at it again with another blog post about cannaphobia – unwarranted fear of marijuana and those in the cannabis community. Please click on her Huffington Post article and comment.