What Is Holistic Cannabis Therapy?

Holistic cannabis therapy is a forward-thinking, comprehensive health + wellness approach to patient care that can optimize results for your clients.

In healthcare, the term holistic pertains to considering the whole person rather than one system or body part. Holistic cannabis therapy is all about considering that person while integrating medical marijuana into the treatment + lifestyle plan.

As such, it’s a departure from conventional medical care, which frequently relies on a symptom-treating approach. Therapeutic cannabis can be applied within a myriad of health + wellness modalities — acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractic, exercise + fitness, functional medicine, health coaching, herbal medicine, mental health, massage therapy, naturopathy,  nutrition, primary care, yoga, and more.


Cannabis is emerging as part of the practitioner’s toolbox driven by continuing legalization across the US, consumer demand, and evidence.

By acquiring practitioner competency in holistic cannabis, you will enhance your skill set as a healer and move your practice solidly in the 21st century. A certification as a Holistic Medical Cannabis Coach will position you as a forward-thinking health + wellness expert in both your field and your community.

Become a Holistic Medical Cannabis Coach!

Build your business by integrating this exciting, emerging field into your practice.

  • Add Certified Medical Cannabis Coach to your credentials via a series of online, interactive webinar modules and a qualifying exam
  • Gain membership in a select group of credentialed cannabis health + wellness professionals
  • Participate in a nationwide referral system connecting physicians, health + wellness practitioners, and medical dispensaries
  • Earn continuing education credits for your specific health + wellness profession (please email us about your professional affiliation)
  • Experience a progressive eLearning platform that provides one-stop education + training about the application of therapeutic cannabis in your practice
  • Benefit from a program reviewed by cannabis industry leaders in clinical practice, research, and product development
  • Have confidence in the credibility of a program created by registered dietitian nutritionists experienced in functional medicine, integrative nutrition, health education, and the culinary arts
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Is This Training Right for You?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, holistic cannabis education is right for you!

  • Do you have clients who have pain, anxiety, insomnia, cancer, digestive disorders, migraines, seizures, immune disorders, neurodegenerative disease, mental health diagnoses, or cachexia?
  • Do you want to offer your patients a revolutionary, but ancient, healing modality?
  • Is one of your goals as a health practitioner to always stay up-to-date and progressive in your education?
  • Are you interested in building your business and increasing revenue?

Why Select the Holistic Cannabis Network™ for Your Training?

  • Because no other online cannabis training program takes an integrative approach, combining wellness + lifestyle medicine with cannabis care
  • Because the program offers a unique blend of science and practical industry information to deliver a balanced and educated point of view
  • Because this training offers the only comprehensive business-building package available in the medical marijuana community
  • Because webinar modules feature clinicians, scientists, and “non-health” industry expert such as a cannabis attorneys, growers, and edible product producers
  • Because it’s backed by the credibility of professional, experienced registered dietitian nutritionists

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